Store Lambs

Weekly Mondays 11am

Sales of Store Lambs will be held  weekly . Farmers are encouraged to register Entries by 12 Noon on the Thursday prior to the Sale to be entered in the ballot. Entries are also accepted on the day.

Current Entries To Date: 

Sale Monday 15th August

40 x Suffolk Store Lambs 

20 x Texel Cross Store Lambs 

50 x Suffolk & Texel Store Lambs 

20 x Charolais x Beltex Store Lambs 

50 x Texel x Cheviot Lambs 

40 x Cheviot Cross Lambs 

10 x Texel Store Lambs 

15 x Cheviot Store Lambs 

20 x Texel x Beltex Lambs 

30 x Mixed Store Lambs 

15 x Texel Store Lambs 

30 x Beltex x Texel Lambs 

20 x Texel Store Lambs 

40 x Dutch Spotted Cross 

Auction Reports

08 August 2022

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01 August 2022

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25 July 2022

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06 December 2021

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 Sale Of Weekly Store Lambs Monday 15th August

Sale to commence at 11am

Ballot entries close Thursday 11th August