A pet lamb, sold by Thomas Seed of Bashall Town, to Clitheroe butcher John Kendall was the first deal struck at Clitheroe’s new cattle market, 120 years ago, then situated in the town centre. Fortnightly sales had been a feature on the streets of the town since 1499, until it was decided to create a permanent site, in 1897, from when the Company was established. By the 1980’s the business had outgrown the original accommodation for 1250 sheep and 260 cattle, and the traffic jam during the Autumn Breeding Sheep sales was becoming unsustainable. Hence, in 1987 the move was made to the current new modern premises on Lincoln Way on the edge of the town.

Over the last 30 years the Company has diversified its business to include a comprehensive Weekly Sales Programme. Wednesday Fur ‘n Feather is the largest sale of its kind in the North of England. In 2015 CAM Machinery and Plant Sales was given greater emphasis with now an annual turnover of £1.5m from its monthly auction. However at its heart is still the the traditional business of livestock providing a service to the farming community throughout Lancashire.

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