Our Monthly Catalogue Sales of Pure Bred Poultry & Waterfowl, hatching eggs and accessories are very popular with a huge following of enthusiasts.

Catalogues are available ten days prior to the Sale on this website, enabling you to view in advance the variety of different breeds of quality breeding stock available.

Auction sales suspended

Unfortunately due to the Avian Influenza the Pure Bred Poultry Sales are still postponed.
We will keep you updated as and when updates are released.

Important notes and procedure


  • Doors open at 7.30 until 8.45am for unloading strictly drop & go and all Birds must be penned by 8.45am
  • Please ensure any reserve prices for birds are given to the booking in staff at time of penning and before 8.45am
  • Unsold lot fee per cage is £1.50 + VAT. Commission charged at 15% on goods sold with a minimum of £1.50 + VAT per cage/lot
  • To maintain catalogue integrity, any alternation to catalogue entries will incur an extra fee of £1 + VAT per cage in addition to commission charged
  • A charge of £1.50 + VAT per cage will be made for cancellations after the catalogue has gone to print
  • Minimum bid price per cage is £5 for classes 1-18

  • All entries must be pre- entered prior to the sale this includes Deadstock, Hatching Eggs and Cage & Aviary. 
  • No Hybrids, Growers or Single Cocks
  • Entries Close  at 600 cages which ever is first with a maximum of 10 cages per vendor. 


  • Viewing strictly from 9am. Sales commence at 10am with dead stock & eggs in the main ring followed by Poultry and Waterfowl in catalogue order. Buyers Premium 6% inc VAT
  • All buyers must collect a special number for the sale from the main office to enter the ring/sellers area to bid on deadstock or birds. Only enter this area when you want to bid on a specific lot 
  • Please listen carefully to auctioneer at time of sale who may announce any changes to catalogue entries. Any discrepancies with description of stock bought must be resolved before leaving the auction premises
  • We kindly remind everyone that the market is open for buyers and sellers to attend and we continue to discourage onlookers.
  • All stock must be paid for & removed on the day of sale and must be carried in appropriate carriers & boxes
  • Terms of Sale - Cash, Credit / Debit Cards 

Please Note: An additional 0.5o% surcharge will be added onto all Business Card Payments