Fur & Feather

Sales are every Wednesday with sections for Caged and Aviary Birds, Poultry, Waterfowl, Pigeons;  together with rabbits and other fur creatures. 

The caged bird section is the largest in the North of England and the Poultry Sale is hugely popular.  

NB: It is unlikely that the sale miscellaneous and household goods will resume. Such items of value are directed to the sales of small tools and equipment here, or Silverwoods here

Please keep an eye on this Website and Facebook page for regular updates.


All customers are required to register (ID is required) in the main office upon arrival for an account number, charged at £3, valid January – December 2021


All sections are a sellers commission rate of 15% with a minimum of £1.00 per lot for lots sold and a charge of £1.00 per lot unsold fee.

Buyers commission on all livestock is 6%. Commission on all non Livestock lots is 15%. 

Fur and Feather Update:

Due to the ongoing Avian Flu we are re opening on Wednesday 3rd August but slightly different.
Doors open at 2pm with the sale to commence at 6pm.

The Sale will run with Hatching Eggs, Deadstock, Timber, Rabbits, Pigeons, Cage and Avery, Rodents, Reptiles And Pet Accessories.
Please note due to the Avian Flu NO poultry such as Hens, Ducks, Geese, Quail & Pheasants will not be allowed on the premises.

Market Stalls including the Meat Man and other regulars will also be in attendance.

Market Forms

Sale times for our Weekly Wednesday evening sale.




Hatching Eggs, Dead Stock and Timber


Followed by

Rabbits and Pigeons






 Caged and Aviary Birds, Reptiles, and pet accessories.




Please note:

Doors open at 2pm 


There will be no miscellaneous items in the pens.