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Equestrian Auctions

Horse & Tack Sales
Established for over 20 years our popular equestrian auction is just getting larger and larger with 600 -700 lots of tack, up to 80 horses and ponies; together with equestrian trade stalls.

Following the closure of Beeston Castle Auction we have decided to making significant changes.  From August 2nd 2019 these sales will be moved from Saturdays to the first Friday in each month; meaning 11 sales a year to cater for the expected demand from the loss of Beeston’s fortnightly programme. Two auction rings will now operate at the same time separating saddlery from miscellaneous items of tack. Also we are delighted to annouce a new section of horse boxes and trailers.

Bi-Annual Carriage & Harness Sales
Two seasonal auctions of carriage and harness run by Silverwoods compliment Clitheroe Auction Mart’s range of popular equestrian sales. Featuring an enlarged undercover display area, these auctions are attracting specialist buyers and sellers from the UK and beyond. As well as 500 + lots of harness and associated items and up to 80 vehicles, numerous trade stands are also present on these busy days.

Carriage Entries for Sale on Saturday, August 31st

Horse & Tack Sale Information


  1. ALL Tack and Horses/Ponies must be entered for the Sale by the closing Dates specified on the Event. Any Stock that is not pre-entered/cataloged will not be accepted on site.
  2. In order to increase awareness of the Sales, we are now going to produce Sale-day listings. This means that completed Entry Forms for Tack, Saddles and Horses (downloadable at the bottom of this page) with full descriptions of Lots to be entered will need to be returned to the office by the outlined Deadlines so that they will be included in the Sale.
  3. There will be an extra section just dedicated to Saddles so please complete a separate Entry Form if you wish to enter in this section.
  4. All rugs must be washed and cleaned and labels should be securely tied on all items of tack with the Lot numbers stuck on. These will be sent out the week prior to the Sale. Make sure you bring string to tie all Lots up.
  5. Doors open at 8:00am with all tack to be in by 9:15am


  • 15% with minimum £1.00 per Lot with a Minimum bid per Lot of £2.00.
  • Unsold lots are charged at £1.00 and all no-sales must be collected on the day by 4 pm or they will be disposed of.
  • Any Lots not forward but pre-booked are still subject to £1.00 per Lot.
  • Our Company reserves the right to turn away any Lots deemed unfit for sale or
    combine any Lots.

Entry of Lots

All items must be pre-entered, for the catalogue 10 days before the Sale:

  •                Tack
  •                Saddlery
  •                Horses and Ponies

NB: Entry Forms may be downloaded below


Current Entries of Horse/Ponies for the 4th of October