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Store Cattle

Fortnightly Thursdays – Store Cattle, 12:30pm

Sales commencing with Weanlings at the first Store Sale of each Month.
Includes – Cows with Calves, Breeding Cattle, Young Feeding Bulls, Store Heifers & Steers
Vendors must present animals for sale with passports, correctly double tagged and with the relevant Entry Form


Upcoming Sale Entries for Thursday 30th May

3 Limousin X Heifers, 12 Months
2 British Blue X Bullocks, 22 Months
5 Hereford/British Shorthorn Bullocks, 12-14 Months
3 Fleckvieh X Steers, 13 Months
6 Limousin X, 12 – 16 Months
6 British Blue X, 12 – 16 Months
2 British Blue Store Cows

Thursday 13th June

Annual consignment of 10 Limousin X Heifers with Limousin X Calves at foot from KE & AM Pilkington.

All Cattle forward must be accompanied by a Food Chain Declaration, downloadable at the bottom of this page.

Next Fortnightly Calf Sale is Tuesday the 4th of June.